True Blue Market

Running time: 45 min
Creation 2011
Wang Ramirez - True Blue Market

True Blue Market

Running time: 45 min
Creation 2011
A choreography by Sébastien Ramirez & Honji Wang for five performers from Finland. Original music by Jean-Philippe Barrios aka Lacrymoboy.

True Blue Market takes a close look at Finish society with the collaboration of dancers from the Far North. The situation evokes a public space, while the choreographic language - springing from the encounter of two opposed choreographic universes - shifts between abstraction and metaphor.

Female-dominated: four female dancers and one man, the dance is performed with constraint, both physically and psychologically. Tangible but invisible, normative forces have an affect on the bodies. In the dynamic group tableaux, they express themselves in an almost mechanical manner. Driven by strong group energy, they verge on a “model-like” state.

The political dimension is also present: the contrast between the quest for harmony and the momentum of poetry and intimacy, the source of individual resistance. Our doubts, curiosity, voyeurism remain intact…

This piece was realized within the framework of FranceDanse going North, a program from the Institut Français, with the support of the Goethe-Institut and the Fond Elysée, coordinated by Kiasma Theatre and camin aktion. The choreographers were always attentive to the artists’ needs.

Sébastien & Honji: “Through improvisations and exercises, we have actively implicated the dancers in the creative process. Repetitive sequences lead them to personal articulations of a specific movement: a space of freedom and individuality in communal harmony.”

"True Blue Market brought with it a new level and perspective on performances based on street dance."

Uutispäivä Demari

“(…) a pearl of a performance … The expression of street dance has been brilliantly fitted to the context of contemporary dance.”
Helsingin Sanomat

Wang Ramirez - 1 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 2 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 3 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 4 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 5 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 6 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 7 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 8 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 9 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 10 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 11 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 12 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 13 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 14 © Dirk Korell
Wang Ramirez - 15 © Dirk Korell

Artistic direction, choreography: Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez
Dance: Ima Iduozee, Anniina Jääskeläinen, Karoliina Lahdenperä, Aksinja Lommi, Marika Peura
Light design: Jani-Matti Salo
Composition: LACRYMOBOY
Costume design: Annette Tamminen
Creation producer in 2011: Dirk Korell

Production & coordination of the co-operation: Kiasma Theatre & camin aktion

This performance is the result of a cooperation project realized in the frame of FranceDanse going North, cultural season of Institut Français.

This project has been carried out by Kiasma Theatre Helsinki & camin aktion, financed by Institut Français, Goethe-Institut Finland and the German-French cooperation fund, Fond Elysée.