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A duo directed by Wang Ramirez and choreographed by Rocío Molina, Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez

An unsettling complicity is on the verge of being born between Honji Wang and Rocío Molina – the most quintessential innovator of Flamenco dance.

As the two dancers confront, they tame each other whilst seeing features of themselves mirrored in the other. Yet with the sea of disparities from their cultural roots to their languages, everything seems to differentiate Rocío and Honji. Nonetheless the encounter works, and one reason is that each dancer is accustomed to challenging the rules and the frontiers of her original universe. In a world in perpetual movement, they have become multifaceted.

"Felahikum" is the Arabic term thought to be the root of the word Flamenco - also the result of mobility and encounters. The end goal is not the fusion of styles nor a discourse on the differences and similarities of their dance cultures. Together, Rocío and Honji allow mystery to emerge, filling the space “between”, so they can possess one another. It’s in this “between” space that the choreographic invention - completely dedicated to human exploration - takes place.

"Molina enlarges the range of vision of Flamenco through improbable and aesthetic transgressions whereas Wang bends HipHop like a reed."

Danser, canal historique“Sébastien Ramirez’ creations are proof that dance is made of the same substance as poetry.”
— Epoch Times



Wang Ramirez / Rocio Molina

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Production Company Wang Ramirez / Clash 66