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Monte Carlo Gala

Monte Carlo Gala

Monte Carlo Gala





Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation Gala — Opening and Closing Show

For the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation Gala, we embarked on a mission to raise awareness for planetary health. We carefully selected 25 dancers and brought to life giant, life-sized replicas of endangered animals. 

With a focus on the conservation of species on the brink of extinction, we crafted a show that resonated with the theme of environmental preservation. From the majestic movements of the dancers to the poignant representation of endangered animals, every aspect of the performance was designed to align with the foundation's mission.

Under the patronage of Prince Albert of Monaco, the opening and closing show served as a powerful testament to our commitment to safeguarding the planet's biodiversity. It was an evening dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring action for the preservation of our natural world.



Prince Albert of Monaco

Creative Director

William Lambourg


Wang Ramirez